Review Policy

  • I prefer printed copies, but I do accept ebooks in epub format. Please note that physical copies will be prioritized. My current turnaround time is 30-60 days.
  • I accept Young Adult, New Adult, Adult (some dark romances ) and Middle Grade.
  • Specific Genres I DO NOT ACCEPT
    • Non-fiction
    • Religious / Spirituality
    • Self-Help
    • Children’s
    • Political
  • I don’t like to DNF books and rarely ever do. If for some reason I DNF your book, I will let you know. I can still post a review and explain what didn’t work for me. Again this rarely ever happens.
  • I’m not a professional book reviewer/critic and read for fun and entertainment.
  • I will post reviews here, Goodreads, Instagram, and Amazon (if requested).

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Review Rating System

★★★★★ – I totally loved it
★★★★ – I really like it
★★★ – It was just okay, but I still enjoyed it.
★★ – Not my cup of tea, but others might enjoy it.
★ – Dislike it so much I DNF