Book Review- Blood Cure by K.A. Linde



The stunning conclusion to the Blood Type series finds the world in chaos and turmoil with one final battle left to determine who will survive—humans or vampires.

She had the world on her shoulders. Now she has nothing.

Reyna Carpenter was twenty-one when she became a live-in blood escort for the ruthless and darkly handsome vampire Beckham Anderson. She thought this was just a small price to pay for feeding her brothers back home.

But nothing went as planned. Not even her tumultuous relationship with Beckham. And now she wonders if anything will ever be the same again.

As she finds herself in the midst of a losing rebellion, she and her trusted friends must flee from a city conquered by the vampire elite. With their plans blown to pieces and everything they knew and loved gone, their future hangs in the balance.

Despite all she has lost, Reyna must rise from the ashes, reclaim the life that was stolen—and complete her mission, once and for all.



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Dangerously Beguiling, Sinfully Swoony, and Deliciously Thrilling Conclusion


What a deliciously Fangtabulous conclusion!!! I have such an intense love for this series. Blood Cure more than satisfied my cravings, but I still want more. It’s just so GOOD! K.A. Linde has definitely earned a spot as one of my favorite new to me authors this year.

Soo.. I don’t really know how to write this review without spilling the juicy details. There are so many things I love about this book, but I don’t want to spoil the fun.  Anyway, if you’ve been following me, then you probably have seen my reviews for Blood Type and Blood Match and know just how obsessed I am with Beckham and Reyna. The writing, the world-building, the characters and all the crazy twists and turns had me completely hooked. Not to mention, both books ended with insanely jaw dropping cliffhangers that messed me up… but in the best way. And this last book… definitely had my head spinning and my heart racing. I seriously love this series sooo much and even though I’m satisfied with how it concluded, I don’t think my addiction was cured…

Blood Cure picked up right where Blood Match ended and showed Reyna dealing with a shattered heart and broken soul. She’s a wreck and an emotional mess… but despite losing so much and facing a bleak future, Reyna never lost hope and continued to fight for equality between humans and vampires. I truly enjoyed Reyna’s character development and how she became this strong and fierce leader and heroine.

Aside from a few slow parts here and there, this book was face-paced, wonderfully exciting and fantastically suspenseful. The idea about blood matches was really intriguing and I like reading about that part. While K.A. Linde didn’t hold back from torturing me with twists that ripped my heart and had me teary eyed a few times, there were some endearing and funny moments that lightened the mood. But for the most part… I ached so damn bad for these characters I’ve come to love and… I wish I could say more.. but just be prepared for the FEELS and SWOONS. And if you love PNR, then you NEED to read this series. I can tell you right now this is one of the best vampire romances I’ve read in a while.

Blood Cure was the ending I wanted and more. Dangerously beguiling, sinfully swoony, and deliciously thrilling from start to finish. This series completely stole my heart and had me addicted from the very first book.  Such a breathtakingly amazing paranormal series that I can’t wait to reread over and over again.

If you’re thirsty for something seductive, thrilling and exhilaratingly addictive with gorgeous writing, lovable characters, and steamy swoons, then pick up this series ASAP.

I received an advance reader copy of this book from the publisher and Inkslinger in exchange for a fair and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



A startling new vision of paranormal romance: When a human ventures into the world of vampires—a decadent milieu of blood-bonds and betrayal—she discovers that not all is what it seems.

For Reyna Carpenter, giving up her body isn’t a choice. It’s survival.

In a civilization laid waste by poverty and desperation, Reyna accepts a high-paying position with the wealthy and hungry vampire elite. Her new job is as the live-in blood escort for the intimidating, demanding, and devilishly handsome Beckham Anderson. He’s everything she expected from a vampire, except for one thing—he won’t feed off her.

Reyna soon discovers that behind Beckham’s brooding, wicked façade lies a unique and complex man. And that, in a dark and divided world, she is more valuable than she ever would have believed.

For with each passing night, Reyna can’t shake the sensation that it’s Beckham who’s afraid of her.

Note: Reyna and Beckham’s story continues in Blood Match.



I loved every single moment of this book. The writing was engaging and incredibly captivating. With pulse-pounding action, thrilling suspense, juicy secrets, heartbreaking betrayals, steamy romance, and shocking twist and turns, I was on edge and completely hooked the entire time.


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As the provocative, sensual Blood Type series continues, the rare bond between Reyna and Beckham is threatened by betrayal, greed, and twisted secrets.

A desperate human. A powerful vampire. A world divided.

Reyna Carpenter was promised paradise. She was delivered into hell.

Giving up her body for money was supposed to be the hardest part of becoming a blood escort. She never expected to lose her heart to her dark, enigmatic boss, Beckham Anderson. After being taken by a depraved captor who plans to rule the world, Reyna will do anything to return to Beckham.

She just has to find the will to survive this game.

From the pawn, rises a queen.

Note: Reyna and Beckham’s story begins in Blood Type and continues in Blood Cure.



This book sucked me in, stole my heart and left me breathless. There’s romance, suspense, humor, steam, and intriguing characters. Blood Type by K.A. Linde is without a doubt an awesome thrilling paranormal romance book. I really enjoyed exploring this dark and dangerous dystopian world where humans and vampires coexist and I cannot wait to find out what happens next.

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KylaK.A. Linde is the USA Today bestselling author of more than fifteen novels including the Avoiding series and the Record series. She has a Masters degree in political science from the University of Georgia, was the head campaign worker for the 2012 presidential campaign at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and served as the head coach of the Duke University dance team. She loves reading fantasy novels, geeking out over Star Wars, binge-watching Supernatural, and dancing in her spare time.

She currently lives in Lubbock, Texas, with her husband and two super adorable puppies.



I hope you enjoyed reading my review and add this fantangtastic series to your TBR!




Blog Tour – Surviving Adam Meade by Shannon Klare

Hello fellow swoonaholics! Welcome to my Blog Tour Stop for Surviving Adam Meade by Shannon Klare hosted by Xpresso Book Tours. I cannot wait for you to laugh, swoon and root for Adam and Claire in this charmingly sweet, hilarious, and wonderfully written debut novel. I laughed out loud a few times and had such a lovely time reading this book. I hope after you read my review, you’ll add this on your TBR or grab yourself a copy.


Surviving Adam Meade
Shannon Klare
(Surviving Adam Meade, #1)
Published by: Swoon Reads
Publication date: August 14th 2018
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult

Seventeen-year-old Claire Collins has a plan: get into college and leave North Carolina behind. What she doesn’t have is an idea for how to get rid of the local football star and womanizer extraordinaire—Adam Meade, who she can’t even avoid (despite many efforts), because Claire’s dad is the high school football coach.

Seventeen-year-old Adam Meade never fails. He always gets what he wants… until he meets Claire, the new girl who leaves him unnerved, pissed off, and confused. But there’s something about her that he just can’t resist…

With the bite of lemon meringue pie and the sugar of sweet tea, Surviving Adam Meade is a sexy and compelling young adult novel about two strong-willed people who think they know what they want but have no idea what they need.



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Charmingly Sweet, Hilarious, and a Delightful Read From Start to Finish


OH-EMMMM-GUSHHHH! This book was super adorbs to the max! Surviving Adam Meade by Shannon Klare gave me the butterflies, the swoons, the laughs, and even some tears. I enjoyed every moment and cannot stop gushing about Adam and Claire!

Adam Meade, the local quarterback star, is popular, dangerously handsome, and never fails to get what he wants. He’s also a ladies’ man and dodges serious relationships in order to focus on having a successful football career. He’s arrogant, frustratingly rude, and everything Claire knows she should avoid. And she does try…

Claire Collins, daughter of the football coach, is beautiful, smart, and incredibly driven to fulfill her goals. She’s also trying to heal her broken heart and focus on getting into the college of her dreams. She has no problem standing up for herself and challenging Adam – even if she gets on his nerves and annoys him like crazy. Adam should want nothing to do with Claire, but he just can’t seem to resist her. But he does try…

This book was definitely a page-turner and such a wonderful read. I really enjoy love/hate and enemies to lovers books. The angst, the drama, the constant bantering, and the undeniably swoony chemistry are just so much fun and never fail to make me smile. I was sure this novel wouldn’t let me down… and it most certainly did not! Surviving Adam Meade wholeheartedly had me swooning and smiling like a dork. The bantering between Adam and Claire was so entertaining and had me completely hooked. They were both so sarcastic and stubborn that when they finally decided to kiss and make-up, it was the sweetest thing ever! Definitely gave me one of the best warm fuzzies and FEELS. Oh and the ending… SWOOOOON! Totally melted my heart!

I honestly didn’t have a difficult time falling for Adam… I mean some part of me wanted to smack him sometimes –probably just as Claire wanted to do – and I should have been annoyed with his cocky personality, but he was giving off that more than meets the eye kind of vibe that I knew there were so much more to him than his “jerkish” persona. I wasn’t surprised when he finally started to show his softer side. Without his arrogance, Adam’s actually really sweet, caring, funny, and a genuinely good guy.

Claire’s totally my girl. I loved her from the very beginning and felt so much for her. Changing schools, specially on your last year in high school, and dealing with heartbreak is never easy. Claire certainly had her bad days, but she handled the challenges she faced really well. I thought she was a strong heroine and I loved how motivated she was throughout the story. She may be stubborn and snarky, but I honestly really loved that about her. She also had spunk, fire, charm, and a great sense of humor. No wonder Adam couldn’t resist her.

I absolutely enjoyed the romance in this book. While I personally wanted more swoons, there were more than enough spine-tingling, heart-melting, and adorable moments that gave me the FEELS. The spark between Adam and Claire was instant and palpable that you just knew they were going to fall for each other. Their deliciously playful bantering, flirty dialogues, and intense tension was so entertaining and fun. Cannot tell you how much I ship these two! Adam and Claire were perfectly witty and so darn cute together.

You already know how much I adore Adam and Claire, but if you ask me, I thought the characters in this book were fantastically likable, quirky and just so delightfully amusing. Claire’s parents were amazing and I loved how they would playfully tease her.  They had some really humorous moments that had me chuckling a few times. I also liked Claire’s brother, Case. He can be an annoying little brother, but he did want what was best for his sister and had an adoringly protective side. Claire’s family was just so awesome and had this wonderful bond that makes you AWW. I also really loved Adam and his grandmother, Wanda. Their relationship was endearing, so sweet, and made me want to hug them both so much. Tara and Riley were awesome too and I liked their parts in the story.

Another thing I really liked about this book was how the lighthearted bantering wasn’t just limited between Adam and Claire. Sure they had plenty of them, but there were also many between them and the other characters. Seriously, you need this book ASAP… it’s just so cute, and funny, and the perfect summer read that will make you laugh, smile, and swoon.

Surviving Adam Meade is a fantastic story about friendship, family, self-discovery, taking risks, and falling in love. It’s charmingly sweet, nostalgic, and a delightful read from start to finish. The writing was engaging, the pacing was great, the characters were lovable, and the romance was a hit! Looooveeeed this book so much and cannot wait to read more from Shannon Klare. Maybe a Tate and Riley story… or give Case a HEA story of his own.

If you enjoy YA contemporary and romance books, then I highly suggest you grab a copy of this book and lock yourself in a room without any distractions. You’re going to want to finish it in one sitting. I sure did (except for the locking part since I read it on and off during and after work) and had the most swoontastic time!

I received an advance reader copy of this book from the publisher and Xpresso Book Tours. I voluntarily read and reviewed this book so all thought and opinions are my own.



Shannon Klare is a southern housewife, born and raised in Texas. When she isn’t writing or daydreaming new plots, Shannon is a reality TV fanatic and movie connoisseur. Surviving Adam Meade is her debut novel.




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